Monday, December 19, 2005

I finished my Tannenbaum! Check it out...

I decided to leave off the star and just knit to a point at the top. This was a quick and fun project and I completed it just in time. I'll try to post better photos tomorrow, I had to take these by myself.

Monday, December 12, 2005

How is everyone's Tannenbaum doing? I need help (already!) getting it to be sized right. I have a big head (hats that are "ine size fits all" never fit me). I had already cast on and started to rib when I saw the diagram sketch on the pattern's last page. It would seem to indicate that the circumference of the hat is 18". If this is true my hat will turn out much too small for me, unless the ribbing stretches a lot! I would appreciate hearing from other people whether their Tannenbaum seems to be a good size. I am tempted to cast on provisionally, skip the ribbing altogether and then add the ribbed band on afterward just to be safe. What do you all think? - Karen

Friday, December 02, 2005

Hi! I am so excited to be joining a KAL for such an amazing project! I am just the sort of person who can never leave well enough alone (you know, making changes in recipes the first time I make them) so the idea of a hat that is not just a hat really tickles me! It turns out I have some forest green sock yarn already in the house, although I am still looking for a nice variegated yarn in shades of green. I bought lots of little bells at A.C. Moore the other day - it was the only thing they had that looked to have big enough spaces for the yarn. I also bought some "pony" beads - they have really large holes, so I guess the yarn will fit, but I hope they will not make the hat too heavy (they are made of plastic). So if I use those materials, I will have a green hat with red and gold bells and white beads. I looked everywhere for something snowflake-like to knit on as a bead but didn't find anything (not even a snowflake shaped sequin!). Now to find some time to get started!

Knit in peace,