Friday, December 02, 2005

Hi! I am so excited to be joining a KAL for such an amazing project! I am just the sort of person who can never leave well enough alone (you know, making changes in recipes the first time I make them) so the idea of a hat that is not just a hat really tickles me! It turns out I have some forest green sock yarn already in the house, although I am still looking for a nice variegated yarn in shades of green. I bought lots of little bells at A.C. Moore the other day - it was the only thing they had that looked to have big enough spaces for the yarn. I also bought some "pony" beads - they have really large holes, so I guess the yarn will fit, but I hope they will not make the hat too heavy (they are made of plastic). So if I use those materials, I will have a green hat with red and gold bells and white beads. I looked everywhere for something snowflake-like to knit on as a bead but didn't find anything (not even a snowflake shaped sequin!). Now to find some time to get started!

Knit in peace,


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